MagBeam fresnel gives ‘2-3 stops more light’ + variable beam for speedlights

The MagMod MagBeam is a crowdfunded modular fresnel attachment for hotshoe flashguns.


MagMod has announced its latest flash accessory, the MagBeam fresnel. Based on the company’s existing magnetic, modular accessory system, the MagBeam attaches to the front of your speedlight and gives “two or three stops more light” in a variable spotlight effect, with the option of swapping in wideangle lenses and gobos for creative effects.


The MagBeam is collapsible, made of rubber and magnets, with various lens and mask inserts available to spread or narrow your light source and create interesting patterns with it.

MagBeam Kit

The company is also pitching the product as a competitor to the Better Beamer and Harbor Digital flash extenders, which are used by bird photographers to extend the range of their on-camera flash. According to MagMod founder Spencer Boerup, the MagBeam is more versatile and produces less spill light.

MagBeam Collapsing Stages Animated


The fundraising target of $25,000 has already been reached, with the project backed to the tune of $85,000 at the time of writing. Those who pledge $55 or more should receive a basic MagBeam tube with tele (condensing) lens, while more money can net you a kit with more accessories. For more information, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

David Selby
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