MagSphere and MagBounce Kickstarter created and funded

MagMod have announced two new magnetic speedlight modifiers, the MagBounce bounce card and MagSphere diffuser dome.

MagMod MagBounce

MagMod, known for their magnetic speedlite accessories, have announced two new magnetic speedlight diffusers. While initially the MagMod system was a bit limited, with only the the MagGrid or MagGel kit available, now with the addition of the MagSphere and MagBounce attachments the system becomes much more versatile. The MagSphere is designed as an omnidirectional flash diffuser and the MagBounce reflects light forward like a bounce card.

With these two announcements a slight revision to the original product was also introduced. The new material and different magnet design should be even more durable than the initial one, which as released one year ago on Kickstarter.

MagMod MagBounce
MagMod MagBounce

What is uncommon about the MagSphere and MagBounce is that are made from flexible material that can be easily packed in a camera bag. Other diffusers made from hard plastic can be annoying to bring to a location, resulting in lower light quality because you end up leaving your modifiers at home.

Besides the flexible material and the magnetic attachment system, the new MagMod accessories are also more efficient in light output compared to other modifiers on the market such as the Sto-fen or Gary Fong diffuser. Also, the MagSphere has an integrated gel slot so you don’t need to use a MagGel kit to colour correct your light.

MagMod MagSphere
MagMod MagSphere

At the moment of writing the Kickstarter project are already funded and have almost reached their stretch goal of $200,000. With 17 days to go you can still back the project as well and claim your MagSphere or MagBounce for $59.