Manfrotto completes its LED Panels with the Spectra 1×1

A new constant light, the Manfrotto Spectra 1x1, has been released.

Manfrotto Spectra

A new constant light, the Manfrotto Spectra 1×1, has been released. Manfrotto touts these 35cm x 35cm LED panels as having excellent color rendition with a high CRI of over 90. They complement the existing range of Spectra battery-powered lamps, this one (which can also be mains powered) being the largest array in the series.

Brightness is regulated from 0–100% by a knob on the rear, with apparently “no noticeable color-shift” when changing output. The panel is daylight-balanced and different models are available to give either a wide or a narrow beam. Being LED rather than halogen or tungsten, they are “heat-free” and silent. Mounts are standard 5/8-inch sockets to fit your existing light stands.

Manfrotto Spectra

Pricing is $1,119.99 (US) or £719.95 (UK), available now. More information can be found at Manfrotto’s website.

Ricardo Gomez
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