Manfrotto pro-level Spectra LEDs have improved colour rendition

Manfrotto has launched a range of portable LEDs aimed at professional film-makers.

Manfrotto Spectra 500F

Manfrotto has launched a range of portable LED panels aimed at professional film-makers. The new Spectra series uses higher-quality LEDs with better colour reproduction compared to the company’s existing cheaper lights.

“Spectra ensures an excellent colour rendition: this means that colours are reproduced accurately, without tone-shift towards green,” Manfrotto says. “Thanks to its design, no flickering or colour shifting occurs when dimming up or down the light level. This is fundamental to guarantee the highest photo and video results.

Manfrotto Spectra 500F

Previously, Manfrotto’s brightest LED was the Maxima-84 Hybrid with a fairly mediocre colour rendering index (CRI) of 80 and a non-removable lithium battery. The new Spectra panels on the other hand have >90 CRI ratings and take standard AA batteries, while remaining lightweight and portable. Optional AC adapters allow battery-free operation. There is no “flash” function as found in the Hybrid series, however.

Five models are available, each with adjustable brightness. The 900FT (below) also has colour temperature tuning.

  • Spectra 500F – 60° flood, 5000K
  • Spectra 500S – 30° spot, 5600K
  • Spectra 900F – 50° flood, 5600K
  • Spectra 900S – 30° spot, 5600K
  • Spectra 900FT – 50° flood, 3200–5600K (bi-colour)

Manfrotto Spectra 900FT

Available now, the Spectra series starts at £149.95 for the 500S, ramping up to £399.95 for the 900FT. You can buy directly from Manfrotto but prices are cheaper at Amazon and Wex Photographic.

David Selby
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