Meidike’s modular bare-bulb flash system comes one step closer

Meidike's Yidoblo/Dison A8 is a bare-bulb flash with TTL and HSS that can turn itself into a modular two-head lighting system.

Meidike Dison Yidoblo A8

Last year we looked at some early renders of Yidoblo’s X-series bare-bulb flashgun, which looked like a pretty interesting take on the Quantum Qflash, Sunpak 120J or Godox Witstro-style photography lights. Now it looks like Meidike, its Chinese manufacturer, is keen to bring the product to market, thanks to some interesting new product images and specs published on the company’s web site.

Meidike Yidoblo A8

The Dison/Yidoblo A8 is a modular bare-tube flash with an energy rating of 200J or 300J, pitching it right against the Godox Witstro AD180 and AD360. Unlike the latter products, however, the Yidoblo also offers TTL and high-speed sync for Canon and Nikon and a modular design that effectively turns it onto a pack-and-head system. The light rotates in a unique ball-and-socket mount, rather than having the entire head (which contains the batteries) tilt and swivel relative to the flash body.

Meidike Dison Yidoblo A8

The bare flash tube can be swapped out for an LED modelling/video lamp, or, most interestingly, you can plug an external “vice” flash tube into the side, via cable, giving you a two-in-one system almost like an Elinchrom Quadra or similar pack-and-head setup. A built-in 2.4GHz radio trigger allows easy synchronisation with the camera (including HSS and TTL), but there is also a sync port and a metal hotshoe to let you use your own slave systems.

Meidike Yidoblo Dison A6 Vice Flash

Meidike Yidoblo Dison A8
The device can power an external head in addition to its own, creating a 2-head lighting setup

Removable lithium batteries live in the “head” of the A8 and offer 400 flashes from a single charge, while there is a backlit LCD control panel on the rear from which you can control manual or TTL power settings. The device can be charged via 12V external DC power.

At this stage it’s not clear what the price will be or where the system will go on sale. For more information, visit

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