Metz M400 compact system flash now on sale

The compact, AA-powered Metz M400 flash has been officially released for all major camera brands.

Metz Mecablitz M400

The Metz Mecablitz M400 has been officially released for Canon, Nikon, Micro Four Thirds, Pentax, Sony and Fujifilm. This shoe-mount TTL flash has a very compact design, making it well-suited for use with smaller mirrorless cameras. It was first announced at Photokina last year.

Metz Mecablitz M400

It is powered by four AA batteries. The Metz M400 boasts a tilting, swivelling head with 24–105mm zoom, a guide number of 40 (Iso-100, 105mm) and wireless TTL master and slave functionality for some cameras.

Like many flashes these days, the M400 wants to be a video light too, so there is a ‘high performance’ LED video light built in. It puts out 100 lux at 1 metre.

All versions of the Metz M400 are available now for £121.99 including VAT from Intro2020 dealers. In the United States, you can find it for $279.99 at Adorama and B&H Photo.

David Selby
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