Mola beauty dishes coming soon to Image Melbourne

Image Melbourne is to distribute Mola beauty dishes at the end of this month, it is revealed. The Mola Lumi, Mantti, Euro, Setti and Demi are available for pre-order now.

Mola Mantti, Euro, Setti and Demi beauty dishes

Melbourne, Australia: Photography equipment retailer Image Melbourne is to distribute Mola beauty dishes at the end of this month, it is revealed. The Mola Lumi speedlight bracket and Mantti, Euro, Setti and Demi beauty dishes are available for pre-order now.

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Mola Mantti, Euro, Setti and Demi beauty dishes

Mola’s fabulous beauty dishes will be available in Australia at the end of July.

Mola’s unique patented designs allow you to get more work out of less light. Designed by a photographer for photographers, the Mola reflectors captures and focuses light with maximum efficiency. It is shaped to intercept all paths of light, no matter which direction they leave the flash tube, and redirect them toward the subject. This is a big improvement on most square boxlights, which can only focus a portion of the light available.

MOLA’s Signature Light Output

Mola’s light clarity, efficiency, outstanding light control and choice of four sizes makes Mola reflectors ideal for a wide range of photographic jobs, especially those regularly handled by less efficient boxlights.

MOLA Lumi: Tilt bracket and Lumilux diffuser for Speedlights

The MOLA Lumi bracket (Demi reflector sold separately) is a proprietary speed ring and tilt bracket in one, which allows users to mount the Lumi to their Mola Demi without having to touch the screws and rods which hold the interior diffusion weather it’s the PAD, Opal glass or Lumilux.

The Lumi bracket ships with a Lumilux diffuser.  Made of Lexan, Lumilux provides perfect diffusion through transmitted and reflected light from your desired source. The combinations of interior and exterior diffusion with the Mola Demi are numerous.

MOLA Mantti: 43.5″ / 110cm

The MOLA Mantti is the largest of our four designs, with a shallow profile of 9.5″ deep. It’s purpose is to create a high efficiency broad source by compressing the body of the Euro reflector by 25% and increasing it’s surface area by 30%.

MOLA Euro: 33.5″ / 85cm

The MOLA Euro is the essential studio light, it’s unique design concentrates light using it’s patented shape to heighten output, yet still providing a feathered edge falloff. The Euro is ideal for fashion, beauty and product.

MOLA Setti: 28″ / 70cm

The MOLA Setti is uniquely shaped and differs dramatically from the Mantti, Euro or Demi. The Setti’s deep narrow profile increases contrast and delivers a directional quality which is perfect for Black and White as well as Colour images which require a noticably distinct edge.

MOLA Demi: 22″ / 55cm

The MOLA Demi is a scaled down version of the Euro in every respect. The Demi is a perfect companion on location from corporate portraits to beauty, or in the studio as a main light or companion fill light for the Euro or Mantti.

Mola beauty dishes can be pre-ordered here.

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