Mola Softlights finds European distributor

Mola's high-end beauty dishes are now available in Europe via Cool Standards Distribution.

Mola Softlights

Mola Softlights has found a new distributor in Europe. The Canadian company Mola Softlights produces high-end Beauty Dishes, which are known for their special stepped shape. Mola claims that this form helps to achieve better light quality when compared to more traditional beauty dishes.


European distribution will be done by the company Cool Standards Distribution, based in Siegen, Germany. Cool Standards is an international sales PR agency focusing on high end products. Their website currently only lists a single shoe brand, so it remains to be seen how well Cool Standards can apply their knowledge to the distribution of photography equipment.

European readers can order Mola Softlights through their online webshop, available directly and starting at 329 euro for the smallest model.