More models of Nice n_flash lithium battery strobe planned

Nicefoto are to release two more N-Flash portable monolights - a 280Ws and 680Ws version - to add to the 480A.

Nice N-Flash 280A

Following the launch of their innovative N-Flash 480A, Nicefoto have brought out another battery-powered monolight. The N-Flash 280A is the second light in the series, incorporating similar features to the 480A but with less power and lighter weight.

Unlike traditional studio lights, the N-Flash doesn’t need to be plugged into the mains, nor does it require an external battery pack, allowing for truly cable-free operation.Nice n_flash 280A with removable battery Like the 480A, the 280A offers fast flash durations at lower power, thanks to its IGBT circuitry. Its most prominent feature, though, is the lithium ion battery pack that slots into the flash body. From a single charge, the battery can provide 300 flashes at the full 280Ws power level, according to the manufacturer.Nice n_flash 280A

The N-Flash has a universal Bowens S-fit accessory bayonet and an interchangeable support mount, allowing you to fit tilt brackets or handle grips as meet your needs. A photo assistant can attach a carrying strap to the lugs on the side of the unit. There is a 2.4GHz radio receiver built into the N-Flash so you can trigger it from your camera without cables. It also has an optical slave cell.

Modeln flash 280An flash 480An flash 680A
Flash Energy280J480J680J
Guide Number3656
Power Adjustment7 stops: full to 1/64 power
Power Source12V 2000mAh Li-ion battery12V 6000mAh Li-ion battery12V Li-ion battery
Modelling Lamp35W35W35W
Recycle Time0.1 - 3.5 seconds
Battery Life300 flashes680 flashes500 flashes
Flash Duration1/2,000 - 1/11,000 second
Stroboscopic Mode5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 flashes at 1-10 Hertz
Nice n_flash 280A with stand mount

The large LCD screen has a multi-stage battery indicator above it, telling you just how much juice you have left before the battery pack needs to be replaced or recharged. Though proprietary, you should be able to buy additional batteries separately.

Nice n_flash 280A control panel

At just 18.8cm (7.4″) long and 1.3kg (2.9lbs) in weight, the N-Flash offers a compact and realistic alternative to ganging together lots of expensive speedlights, with fewer points of failure. Attach reflectors, softboxes and snoots without any additional adapters, thanks to the universal Bowens S mount.

No need to worry about cables or sockets failing, since a radio receiver and battery pack are both built into the strobe itself. So, why not have your photo assistants dance around and do some acrobatics with their new-found freedom? Nicefoto seem to suggest just that:

Nicefoto "new generation" poster

To see our thoughts on the higher-powered 480A N-Flash from Nicefoto, read our full product review. Want more power than 480Ws, not less? The company have stated a plan to bring out a 680Ws N-Flash 680A in the future.

You can’t get the 280A from retail stores yet, but you can already buy the 480A for $500. For enquiries, visit the official web page at

Update: Now available in the UK from MrCad Ltd.

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