Multiblitz will present 2400Ws ‘XPAC’ studio generator at Photokina

At the Photokina trade show, German manufacturer Multiblitz are to announce a 2400Ws studio generator called the XPAC 24.

Multiblitz XPac 24

At the Photokina trade show, German manufacturer Multiblitz are to announce a 2400Ws studio generator called the XPAC 24. Currently only offering monolights (self-contained flash heads) and location kits, the XPac will see the firm’s return to producing studio pack-and-head systems.

Contrasting with the recently-announced Profoto Pro-B4, Multiblitz’s new pack is powered by the mains — not a battery — and is over twice as powerful, designed to live in the photographic studio rather than outdoors.

The XPac has asymmetric output sockets for high performance flash heads: the V-Head incorporates the larger V-fit accessory mount while the more compact P-Head has the smaller P-bayonet. Each is compatible with a vast array of existing light modifiers from Multiblitz and other brands. Additionally, flash heads from the legacy Magnolux and Magnolite product lines will also be compatible.

Multiblitz XPac 24

The two output channels have independent flash control: an eleven-stop power adjustment range for channel 1 and ten-stop variation for channel 2, both adjustable in 1/10-stop increments. The 650W modelling lamps can be set to proportional control, full power or switched off, as well as staying off as an indicator while the flash capacitors are recycling. There will be a built-in TriggerHappy radio receiver, optical slave cell and standard sync port for triggering.

For fans of numbers and figures: flash durations at t0.5 vary from 1/1600 second to 1/6000 second and the pack will recycle in 1.2 seconds at full power when connected to 230V mains power. The XPac weighs 7.5 kg and measures 400*225*175 mm. The guide number — if it means anything to you — is 180 (in metric, Iso 100).

Photokina will also see Multiblitz announce a new ring flash for the XPac. The ring will be able to handle loads of up to 3,000J and will sport a bright 200W LED modelling lamp. There are no pictures of the new heads yet, but stay tuned for updates. Other products include the XLite monolight and Octa 100P.

The Multiblitz XPac 24 will be released in the first quarter of 2013 at a recommended retail price of €3,333 plus VAT.

David Selby
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