Multiblitz adds larger Glambox and smaller Octabox

German lighting manufacturer Multiblitz has announced two new softboxes for the studio.

Multiblitz Glambox 120

German lighting manufacturer Multiblitz has brought out two new softboxes: a 120cm Glambox and a 70cm Octabox, adding to its range of lighting accessories.

The new Octabox is the smallest of the company’s line of eight-sided light-shapers, which go all the way up to 254cm (100in) in diameter. The Octa 70 comes with a free grid and two diffusion panels, and has a silver-lined interior.

Multiblitz Octabox 70cm

Meanwhile the Glambox, described as a “collapsible beauty dish”, now comes in two different sizes — 90cm and 120cm (35in and 47in) — to suit your needs and fit your studio. “The Glambox offers a great combination of even and soft light with definition and contrast,” said Multiblitz. “Fully collapsed it fits into a super light 70cm/27″ carrying pouch.”

Multiblitz Glambox 120

All the accessories have double diffusion panels and can fit most common lighting brands. Adapters are available for Multiblitz’s V- and P-bayonets as well as to fit lights from Elinchrom, Bowens, Profoto and Hensel.

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David Selby
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