Multiblitz M6 will be an AC/DC monolight with TTL & HSS

Coming this summer: the Multiblitz M6, a €1000 portable TTL studio flash for Canon, Nikon and Panasonic.

Multiblitz at The Photography Show 2016

Multiblitz, the German studio lighting manufacturer, is working on a battery-powered flash called the M6, scheduled for this summer. A 600Ws monolight with a battery built into the head, it will feature wireless radio control, TTL and high-speed sync functionality.

The Multiblitz M6 will be pitched as a rival to the growing number of TTL-enabled battery flashes already on the market, including the Profoto B1 & B2, Phottix Indra360 and Indra500, Interfit S1, Godox Witstro AD600 and CononMark Leopard series.

Multiblitz at The Photography Show 2016

Though it hasn’t been officially announced yet, company partner Falk Wulms divulged details of the upcoming product when we visited Multiblitz’s small stand at The Photography Show. There were no prototypes on display but we are told the M6 will be based on the housing of the Profilite Plus series (pictured), with a removable lithium-ion battery that fits into the head. It is planned for release in “May or June” 2016.

Multiblitz at The Photography Show 2016

Unlike competitors such as the Profoto B1 AirTTL, which is battery-only, the Multiblitz head will also be able to run from the mains, making it a dual-power, AC/DC unit. (The Phottix Indra series is technically AC/DC too, but the battery pack is separate from the head and the AC adapter is sold separately.) This won’t be the first Multiblitz dual-power flash: you can already buy the Profilux Plus, which runs from the mains or from the optional Propac external battery pack.

At an energy rating of 600 joules (Ws), the M6 will be (on paper) more powerful than the B1 — the latter being nominally 500 joules.

There will be one Multiblitz M6 head to support every brand of camera. Dedicated radio transmitters will add wireless triggering, high-speed sync and TTL support for respective brands. Canon and Nikon are first, but Panasonic (Four Thirds) protocol support is “definitely” coming too: a Panasonic trigger is “in testing”, “definitely” on the way and will be on the market “as soon as possible”, Herr Wulms said.

Multiblitz at The Photography Show 2016

The M6 will use the Multiblitz P-type bayonet, the same as that used by the company’s smaller studio lights. Adapters for the larger V-type bayonet will be available.

Multiblitz M6 tentative feature list

  • 600Ws flash head
  • AC/DC power, from battery in head or from mains adapter
  • 10–20W LED modelling lamp (on/off control only)
  • Manual power control
  • TTL and HSS support for Nikon, Canon (initially) and (later) Panasonic
  • Built-in radio receiver compatible with dedicated remotes
  • Multiblitz P-type bayonet, with V-type adapters available
  • Profilite-style housing
  • Made in Germany

The Multiblitz M6 will have an estimated retail price of approximately €1000 including VAT (about £780). That’s competitive with the Phottix Indra500, which sells in the UK for £1000, and the Interfit S1, priced £799. The Profoto B1 AirTTL goes for over £1600. All three are rated 500Ws — 100Ws less energy than the M6, though you can’t buy it yet.

All details are subject to change. For more information on Multiblitz products, visit the manufacturer’s web site. The UK distributor is Harrison Cameras.

David Selby
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