Multiblitz introduces M6-TTL flash for Canon & Nikon

The new Multiblitz M6 is an AC/DC TTL flash designed to be "compact, lightweight and a 'no brainer' to operate".

Multiblitz TTL-TRIGGER

German manufacturer Multiblitz has released the M6-TTL, a dual-power portable monolight announced earlier this year. The new flash is billed as “compact, lightweight and a ‘no brainer’ to operate”.

Multiblitz M6-TTL

When outdoors and on location, the 600J, 2.9kg Multiblitz M6 runs from a lithium ion battery pack that is capable of 400 full-power flashes. In the studio, it is powered by a multi-voltage mains adapter. The 10-watt, dimmable LED modelling lamp is balanced to a warm 3,800K colour temperature so it matches the output of conventional halogen modelling lights.

Multiblitz M6-TTL

The M6 boasts fast flash durations down to 1/15,000 second, and TTL and high-speed sync support via the (aptly named) Multiblitz TTL-TRIGGER/N and TTL-TRIGGER/C 2.4GHz remote controls for Nikon and Canon. There is an eight-stop manual power range from 4.68–600 joules in 1/3-stop increments.

The triggers let you view and adjust the settings of three groups of flashes from the camera position. Multiblitz told us previously that a Panasonic trigger (TTL-TRIGGER/P?) is “definitely” on the way, though a precise release date hasn’t been specified.

The recycle time is 0.1–3.5 seconds and the flash duration (t0.5) 1/650–1/8,100 second; faster times of 1/8,000 to 1/15,000 second are achieved in FP/HS mode.

Multiblitz TTL-TRIGGER

The M6 has Multiblitz’s smaller P-type accessory mount, though a new V-type bayonet adapter allows photographers to mount the company’s entire range of lighting modifiers.

Available now, the Multiblitz M6-TTL is priced €1,429 including VAT. The TTL-TRIGGER/C and TTL-TRIGGER/N are sold separately for €229 each. For more information, visit

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