Multiblitz shares teaser for upcoming ‘Studio Essentials’

Multiblitz has something new coming in September 2015.

German flash and modifier manufacturer Multiblitz has shared the below image on their Facebook page, indicating that they are working on a new product under the name StudioEssentials. Not much is known yet about the upcoming product/s, except that it will be coming in September 2015.


Although little to nothing is known about the product yet, speculations indicate that a new line of flash accessories aimed on studio used will be released, hence the name StudioEssentials. Unfortunately, we at LightingRumours have no clue about what Multiblitz is planning to release, but we hope they are not creating a hype for a unknown product witch turns out to be nothing significant.

What do you think Multiblitz will be releasing? Let us know in the comments! Only one thing is certain, time will reveal the correct answer. Meanwhile we can just guess!