Multiblitz XLite studio flash will be introduced at Photokina

Multiblitz are to introduce a new 500J, radio-enabled studio flash at the Photokina trade show in September.

Multiblitz XLite

German photographic lighting manufacturer Multiblitz have announced a new monolight, the XLite. The studio flash head is rated at 500J, has a Multiblitz V-type accessory mount and a built-in radio trigger. The XLite will be formally introduced at the Cologne Photokina trade fair in September.

Multiblitz XLite

According to the company, the device is meant to build on the “legendary” Mini Studio and Variolite systems from the past while “merging” them with the latest innovations. Existing users of Multiblitz V-mount lights will be able to use their lighting accessories on the new XLite.

Using the manufacturer’s own RS2 radio trigger it is possible to wirelessly sync the XLite with a camera from up to 30 metres away. It also has an optical slave cell and sync socket. But there is no option for remote power control.


Guide number64
Recycle time1.7 seconds
Flash duration (t0.5)1/1000 second
Power adjustment5 stops
Accessory mountMultiblitz V-type
Power supply220-240VAC
Dimensions363 * 146 * 146 mm

Multiblitz XLite, control panel

Who is this monolight aimed at? The head alone costs €749 excluding VAT, with kits starting at €1,784. Not the cheapest light on the block, but Multiblitz says they are marketing the XLite to “‘more experienced’ portrait photographers [seeking] an adequate substitute or a complementary alternative for their Mini-Studio or Variolite units”.

Consult your local distributor for availability and exact pricing. Visit the Multiblitz web site for a list of their domestic and international dealers.

David Selby
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