Multiblitz XPAC 24AS studio generator on the way

German lighting manufacturer Multiblitz has a new 2400J studio pack, the XPAC 24AS, coming in November.

Multiblitz X Pac 24AS

German lighting manufacturer Multiblitz has a new studio pack, the XPAC 24AS, on the way. The 2400J generator, which runs from the mains, will support a pair of flash heads with asymmetric power control.

“The new Multiblitz X PAC 24AS studio generator pairs precise digital control and versatility with rugged reliability,” said Multiblitz. “[It] offers a common sense approach for all aspects of commercial photography.”

Multiblitz X Pac 24AS

Designed for professional photo studios, the 24AS allows precise adjustment of each head, with a power range of up to 11 stops (2.4รขโ‚ฌโ€œ2400J) in 1/10-stop increments for a single head, or a 9-stop range when using both at once.

The pack’s two outputs are designed for BL41 flash heads, which accept Multiblitz V-type light-shaping accessories. You can also run modelling lamps up to 650 watts. According to the manufacturer, flash durations are as short as 1/6000 second and the pack will recycle in 1.2 seconds. The generator weighs in at 7.5kg and Multiblitz calls it “one of the most compact and powerful studio generators available today”.

Multiblitz X Pac 24AS

With an 868MHz radio receiver built into the unit, you can trigger it out of the box using Multiblitz’s RS2 transmitter, or get more advanced remote control using the TriggerHappy controller. This includes support for “Easy Clip”, a special triggering sequence that takes successive shots with the background and subject lit separately, making clipping masks easier to generate in post-processing.

The Multiblitz XPAC 24AS will ship in November 2013.

The Cologne-based lighting company also has a new web site,, for international customers. In America, Multiblitz products are distributed by Multiblitz USA.

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