Nanlite LitoLite 5C is a pocket-sized RGB light

Nanguang is the latest company to offer a miniature battery video LED with full colour control.

Nanlite LitoLite 5C

Miniature RGB lights are an emerging product category and it seems that every manufacturer is keen to offer their own colour-tunable pocket LED.

Nanguang has just announced the Nanlite LitoLite 5C, a $75 palm-sized LED panel with adjustable hue and colour temperature.

The LitoLite 5C is dimmable from 0–100%, colour temperature adjustable from 2700–7500K (with tint shift) and has user-pickable hue control. The claimed TLCI is 95 and the unit is battery-powered, supporting up to 1.5 hours of runtime at full brightness.

Nanlite LitoLite 5C

As well as the LitoLite, alternative options on the market include the Aputure MC, Boling BL-P1, Falcon Eyes PockeLite F7 Mini, Godox M1, Pixel G1S, Viltrox Weeylife RB08P and Yongnuo YN365RGB, among others.

Between these different products are a mostly similar feature set: RGB and colour temperature adjustment, special effects video modes, built-in battery with USB charging. Mounting options vary from a simple tripod socket to an fold-out articulating arm or (in the case of the LitoLite 5C) magnets. Many, but not all, support remote control via a mobile app.

You can mount one of these lamps on your camera as a fill, or tuck it away elsewhere in your scene as a background or accent light. It won’t be the brightest, but it’s small enough to throw in your bag to be available when you need it.

The Nanlite LitoLite 5C is available now for $75 from Adorama and B&H Photo. For more information, visit the Nanlite US web site.

David Selby
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