New company debuts with Square 43 speedlight softbox

Gami Light, a new company based in Malaysia, have released the Square 43 softbox, the first in a series of collapsible light modifiers for small flashes.

Gami Light Square 43

Kuala Lumpur: A new Malaysian company, Gami Light Concepts, has launched its first product, the Square 43 softbox for speedlights.

Gami Light Square 43

Constructed of polypropylene, the Square 43 measures 43 x 43 centimetres and quickly folds flat. The panels are black on the outside and reflective silver on the inside, and a fabric diffuser attaches to the front of the softbox. The whole modifier weighs just 400 grams and attaches directly to the flash head with a clever mounting system. Approximately 1 stop (half) of light is lost when using the Square 43, according to the company.

Gami Light Square 43

More Gami Light products are on their way, as Dennis Kok, head of research and development, explains:

“We planned to roll out one product each month from March to June, 2011. Next on our line up will be BOX 21, a smaller size of softbox that can be used on-board and off camera setting. Followed by SPOT 3, a snoot. EVENT PRO & EVENT FUN, on-board bounce kits”

Expect each of these accessories to have a similar folding concept. Indeed, Gami Light’s mission statement is “to invent kits that are as simple as origami for amateur and professional photographers alike” and Kok is known for his previous work on the Speedlight Pro Kit series of collapsible modifiers.

Gami Light Box 21

Where to buy

Gami Light accessories will be available from the following dealers, with more to come.

For more information, please visit the Gami Light web site and Facebook page.

David Selby
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