New extra-large lighting umbrellas from Photoflex

Photoflex has released two new 72-inch umbrellas — one white shoot-through and one silver reflective model.

Photoflex 72-inch Silver Umbrella

Photoflex has released two new 72-inch umbrellas — one white translucent and one silver reflective model.

The super-sized brollies have a parabolic-type shape, allowing the black-backed silver version to “throw the light a lot further” and provide “gradual fall-off”. The white variant, while not necessarily benefiting from the parabolic shape, is described as “not just another shoot-through umbrella”, with the manufacturer suggesting it is “ideal for families, large groups, fashion and glamour photography”.

Photoflex 72-inch White Shoot-Through Umbrella

Each umbrella has 16 fibreglass ribs, folding down like a typical brolly. The “heavy duty, strong-walled” shaft diameter is a standard 8mm and has a steel slider. There is a handy carrying case with shoulder strap included.

Photoflex 72-inch Silver Umbrella

Pricing has not yet been announced. For more information and a list of dealers, visit the Photoflex web site.

David Selby
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