New kind of flashgun: a stroke of genius?

The Dison Genius X-series are 200-250Ws hotshoe flashes with LCD screens, built-in radio triggers and LED modelling lamps.

Dison Genius X-808

Increasingly, manufacturers are looking to bridge the gap between mains studio flashes and portable battery-powered speedlights. The latest innovation comes from Dison, a Chinese maker of lighting equipment.

Dison Genius X808 with barndoors fitted

The Dison Genius X-series are a range of IGBT flashguns powered by AAs, lithium batteries, the mains or a car cigarette lighter. They feature LED modelling lamps, hotshoe mounts, LCD control panels and a built-in radio triggering system.

Dison Genius X-808

There are three models in the series, codenamed X-806, X-807 and X-808. All have LED modelling lamps, some powerful enough for use in video as well as stills. The casing can be in one of four colours, for any style-conscious photographers out there.


Flash Energy200J200J250J
Guide Number424250
Recycle Time2.0 - 5.0 seconds
Flash Duration1/800 - 1/1500 seconds
Colour Temperature5500 ± 200K
Modelling Lamp3W18W18W

Dison Genius X808 with accessories

Optional accessories available with all three lights include an AC mains adapter, a car socket adapter and a high capacity lithium battery. An umbrella bracket, radio trigger and AA battery box are included. There is a 6V DC power input and a mono sync jack on the underside of each flash.

Dison Genius X807

No reviews have been published yet, but you can already find the Dison Genius series on eBay. The X806 (X200) goes for US$134.99 while the video-capable X808 (D250) costs $190.00. Click here to see the listings. Any early adopters? Thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Update: The Dison Genius X-808 is now also available from DealExtreme.

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