New “one-piece” HMI fresnel spotlight from Hedler

The Hedler DF-15 is said to be unique and "ground-breaking" as the ballast is incorporated into the head.

Hedler DF-15 HMI

German lighting manufacturer Hedler have released a new HMI fresnel spotlight. The Hedler DF-15 is said to be unique and “ground-breaking” as the ballast is incorporated into the head, making it like the continuous-light equivalent of a monolight. According to the manufacturer, this reduces weight and eliminates unnecessary cables.

Hedler DF-15 HMI

The DF-15 is a 150 Watt HMI, putting out the equivalent intensity of light of a 650W tungsten lamp. It has an all-aluminium shell and Hedler accessory mount, allowing the attachment of a wide range of lightformers. Using the fresnel it is possible to adjust the beam from a 65Ā° flood to a 15Ā° spotlight.

The lamp is listed with a 6,000 hour life, 5800K colour temperature and no flickering. Since there is no cooling fan, the DF-15 makes no noise and is therefore well-suited to illuminating film sets and video productions. The electronic ballast is claimed to last for 60,000 hours.

The head weighs 2.9kg and has no external ballast since a “one-piece” design with integral ballast is being used.

Where to buy

You can get the Hedler DF-15 on its own or as part of a multi-head kit. The recommended retail price for one lamp is Ā£549 plus VAT, sold in the UK by authorised dealers of Hedler’s distributorĀ Flaghead Photographic.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
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    Killer price. Nice concept to offer something for the rest of us.