New ‘Rayo’ beauty dish coming from Mola?

An online photographic store have listed a previously-unseen product called the Mola Rayo 16" reflector.

Mola Sollo

Canadian firm Mola launched a new model of 28-inch beauty dish reflector called the Sollo back in June. It is based on the design of the existing Mola Setti with a new, “one stop brighter” Satin Silver finish. The Sollo reflector is now on sale, retailing for US$760.

Since then, New York-based superstore B&H Photo have a new listing for another reflector called the “Mola Rayo 16-inch“, priced at $236.50 (about $30 less than the Demi). There are no pictures yet, so perhaps it could be an entirely design from the manufacturer.

The current line-up of softlight reflectors from Mola are all bigger than 16 inches: the 43.5″ Mantti, 33.5″ Euro and Beamm, 28″ Setti and Sollo and 22″ Demi.

Mola Sollo

For more information on Mola reflectors, visit their web site.

David Selby
Based in Paris, France, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a quantitative analyst.