New reviews coming soon!

Upcoming reviews at Lighting Rumours: Walimex PBS-400, Hensel Porty Lithium 12, PocketWizard AC3 and more.

Landscape photography lighting test

Testing lighting equipment for landscapes

Here at Lighting Rumours we do our best and beyond to provide you with fresh and new content from the lighting gear world , so we are proud to announce that in the near future there will be more gear reviews; we have been contacting lighting gear manufacturers and the response we had from them so far has been great.

The upcoming reviews are going to have a stronger focus in real world usage, this means while we won’t be focusing on shooting and posting photos of walls, or if the gear will be good  enough to light a cat. Instead we will give you our impressions on how their features and performance behave in real world assignments and what we think it is great and not so great based on our experience with lighting gear.

The first review will be the Walimex PBS-400 (as we speak I am testing it), Hensel Europe agreed to send us a Porty Lithium 12 and Godox will let us test a lot of different gear too. The PocketWizard ControlTL system for Nikon is currently being evaluated, as well as the Aputure Trigmaster Plus 2.4GHz wireless trigger. We would like to know what do you think and any suggestions  too, please let us know via the comment section below!

Eduardo Frances
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