New Tronix XT3 and Explorer Mini from Innovatronix

Innovatronix launched a teaser for their recent additions to their product line the: XT3 and the Explorer Mini. Also they have confirmed their presence in WPPI 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Explorer XT3 and Explorer Mini
Explorer XT3 and Explorer Mini
Explorer XT3 and Mini

Innovatronix announced the addition of the Tronix XT3 and the Explorer Mini to their product line with a teaser on their website, one of the key elements that differentiates them from the Explorer XT and XTs is that both the XT3´s and  Mini´s charger for the the internal SLA battery is now bi voltage meaning you can charge them anywhere in the world,  but you still have to buy a version of the XT3 for the specific voltage of your monolights (115v and 230v versions will be available). Also another new feature for both units is that they can use a  car battery as auxiliary power converting it internally from 12/14v to the 24v both units need to work.

The key differences between the XT3  and the Explorer mini (apart from their size) seem to be that the XT3 will have improved compatibility with Bi-voltage monolights in a rugged housing while the Explorer Mini like its name suggests is aimed for those photographers who need a lighter weight and smaller power supply (Innavotronix claims is half the weight of the XT/XTs).

For a full list of features, specifications, availability  and prices we will have to wait until mid March 2011, However if  you are assisting to WPPI 2011 (February 21-23 in the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas) you can find out more about these products in person as Innovatronix will be in Booth 636 .

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