News this week from Dynalite, Phottix, Hedler and Impact

New power packs from Dynalite, fluorescent lighting kits from B&H, portable studio flashes from Phottix and a new UK distributor for Hedler.

Dynalite Road RP400

Dynalite Road RP400

Dynalite introduce new power packs

Prioritising weight and recycle times over energy output, Dynalite have updated their Road, Roadmax, Studio and Arena generator lines with slightly weaker but faster models. 1600J models have also been added to the Road and Roadmax series. The full list of new packs is as follows:

  • Road RP400, RP800, RP1600
  • Roadmax MP400, MP800, MP1600
  • Arena AP1600
  • Studio SP1600

Dynalite Road packs have three sockets and are designed for portability. The Roadmax add an extra socket and a PocketWizard receiver. The high performance Arena series feature capacitor switching for faster flash durations, while the Studio packs have four sockets, a built-in PocketWizard and better modelling lamp control.

For more information, visit the Dynalite web site.

Hedler lights to be sold in the UK

Flaghead Photographic have been appointed UK distributor for video and broadcast lights manufactured by Hedler of Germany.

Impact Octacool kits

New York retailer B&H  now sell two new fluorescent lighting kits under their Impact brand. The Octacool 6 and Octacool 9 feature 28W daylight fluorescent bulbs, suitable for both stills and video. The 6-lamp model is $219.95 and the 9-lamp is $259.

Phottix portable studio flashes

Hong Kong supplier Phottix have announced the PPL-400, their own brand for the CononMark DL4 ultra-portable 400J flash. They are available now from the Phottix Store for $667.75 including battery pack. Specifications are found in our Portable Power Guide.

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