News/reviews: Pixel TR-332, portable monolights

Reviews on two portable DC monolights, plus a Groups feature announced in the Pixel TR-332 Canon E-TTL triggers. Read on for full reviews and details.

Flashpoint 320M AC/DC monolight
Flashpoint 320M
Picture by S2Imagery

S2Imagery has posted a brief review of Adorama‘s Flashpoint 320M portable monolight:

Got my 320M with battery this morning, and it rocks! Love everything about it. On 1/2 power on battery it is less that 1 second refresh, no need for anything faster.

Another bonus for those that have not seen the battery, is how small it is, and the fact that you can plug 2 lights into one battery. So very stoked!

Photos on my photostream and tagged 320M.

Here is another review on the very similar Quantuum R+ Dual Power system, by gillespinault:

I have the quantuum R+ Dual Power and am very happy with it. I did not measure carefully the color temperature but I was not shoked by it so I guess it should not be ~3300K. I am very happy with it. I even had the good surprise to see that it go down to 1/32 instead of the 1/16 announced.

I like to be able to use it has a regular monolight directly connected on the wall to have fast recycling time, 150Ws modeling light and infinite pops. The only draw back is that it has the size of a regular monolight so it is not so easy to use on location than let’s say a broncolor mobile.

And an interesting feature for Canon users interested in the TR-332 Knight TTL trigger by Pixel. Thanks to elv000:

It actually supports 5 manual power flash groups A,B,C,D,& E allowing you to set manual flash power independently for each of those groups directly from the transmitter on camera (thats groups fired via radio signal with a receiver on each flash unit).

Catch is you need to use Mark II flashes to allow that.

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