Nicefoto launch A, B and C series of TTL studio flashes

Nicefoto has introduced three new lines of mains-powered studio monolights with built-in radio control and TTL for Canon and Nikon.

Nicefoto B6 TTL.M

Chinese lighting manufacturer Nicefoto—the company behind the pioneering N-Flash series of wireless studio flashes—has introduced three new lines of studio heads: A, B and C, all of them mains powered and with built-in radio triggering and TTL support.

There is very little to distinguish Nicefoto’s A, B and C series, except the physical shell and the energy levels available. All models in all series have the same backlit LCD control panel, a grab handle, a Bowens S-fit accessory mount and are made of aluminium alloy. All have 10W, 5500K LED modelling lamps and two built-in cooling fans. The flash tubes are all user-replaceable. All have manual power control down to 1/128 power and a built-in 2.4 GHz wireless receiver, allowing TTL when used with either the TX-N02 (for Nikon) or TX-C02 (for Canon) radio transmitters.

Recycle times are similar across the board, too. Most are just under 1 second at full power, or slightly above for the more powerful models.

None of these heads support high-speed synchronisation. But, in the studio you probably won’t need it. The trigger is the same as that used for Nicefoto’s other recent TTL flashes, including the modular K-series and the self-contained N6, which we recently reviewed.

Nicefoto A series

Model Energy GN Recycling time
A4 TTL.M 400J 76 0.1–0.9s
A6 TTL.M 600J 93 0.1–1.0s
A8 TTL.M 800J 105 0.1–1.1s

Nicefoto A6 TTL.M

Nicefoto B series

Model Energy GN Recycling time
B4 TTL.M 400J 76 0.1–0.9s
B6 TTL.M 600J 93 0.1–1.0s
B8 TTL.M 800J 105 0.1–1.1s
B10 TTL.M 1000J 118 0.1–1.2s

Nicefoto B6 TTL.M

Nicefoto C series

Model Energy GN Recycling time
C3 TTL.M 300J 66 0.1–0.8s
C4 TTL.M 400J 76 0.1–0.9s
C6 TTL.M 600J 93 0.1–1.0s

Nicefoto C4 TTL.M

Nicefoto TX-N02

Though lots of manufacturers are producing portable flashes with TTL, not all of them support mains power. Some that do include the Profoto D2, Godox AD600 (with AD-AC adapter) and Jinbei HD-610/RoveLight HD610 (with AC adapter).

Most of these are 600J or below. The introduction of the Nicefoto B10 TTL.M makes it the most powerful mains-powered TTL studio flash on the market, jointly with the Profoto D2 AirTTL 1000. Of course, some photographers might question the benefit of adding TTL — typically used on location — to a studio lamp that needs to be plugged into the mains.

One benefit would be that you don’t have to use these features in the studio, but you still have a very capable studio head, which can then be taken on location with a battery inverter or extension cords on occasion.

Not all models have gone on retail sale yet, but here are some listings we’ve found.

The TX-C02 and TX-N02 TTL flash controllers are already available for about $50 on Amazon and eBay.

For more information, visit the Nicefoto web site.

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David Selby
Based in Paris, France, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a quantitative analyst.