Nicefoto announce HA-3300B, their most powerful LED light ever

The 330-watt HA-3300B COB LED from Nicefoto is designed for professional video production and has a Bowens S-fit accessory mount.

Nicefoto HA-3300B

Need a brighter video light? Nicefoto has launched the seriously-powerful HA-3300B, a daylight-balanced LED head boasting 330 watts and putting out a whopping 65,200 lux.

The manufacturer says the HA-3300B is designed for lighting professional video productions, broadcasting and TV interviews, as well as stills photography.

Thanks to its standard Bowens S-type bayonet, photographers and cinematographers can attach a whole range of lighting accessories to this head, including reflectors, beauty dishes, softboxes, grids and more. The chip on board (COB) technology fits all of the light emitting diodes into a single module, so it has the same form factor as a studio monolight, rather than an unwieldy rectangular panel. A copper heatsink and ‘triple silent cooling fan’ keep the working temperature down.

According to the manufacturer, the Nicefoto HA-3300B has a television colour consistency index (TLCI) of over 95 and is daylight balanced to a colour temperature of 5500K (±200K).

You can control this light at a distance thanks to the built-in 2.4GHz radio module. This lets you adjust the power level (100–10%) and switch on/off up to five groups of lights on 16 wireless channels. The CN-516 radio remote, available separately, has a large LCD screen so you can see all your light groups at a glance and quickly tweak their settings. It is the same design as the trigger for the N-flash K-series studio flashes.

Update 5th October 2018: For the time being, the Nicefoto HA-3300B only supports mains power via an AC adapter, but a DC adapter is coming in November, which will support two V-mount batteries, converting the voltage to the required 60V DC. This will allow the HA-3300B to be used outdoors and on location. Once the V-mount connector is available, it will be included in the HA-3300B product package as standard, a Nicefoto spokesperson said.

Nicefoto HA-3300B

Nicefoto HA-3300B

Nicefoto HA-3300B

NiceFoto LED transmitter CN-516

Recommended retail price will be around US$800–900 per unit, making it cheaper than the $1,100 Aputure Light Storm LS-300D. For more information, visit the Nicefoto HA-3300B product page. Nicefoto products are distributed in Europe by Nicelight (based in Ireland).

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