NiceFoto N-Flash 480A (2013 edition) review

David looks at the latest version of NiceFoto's self-contained Wireless Studio Flash. What's changed?

NiceFoto N-Flash 480A

Last year we reviewed the NiceFoto N-Flash, a Chinese-made monobloc-style studio flash that is completely wireless, thanks to built-in 2.4GHz radio triggering and a removable lithium-ion battery pack. Since I tested the original model the manufacturer has updated the unit and expanded the line-up. You can now buy Elinchrom-mount versions of the head and there are lower-end models available with analogue dials instead of the digital LCD.

The company sent us the 2013 edition of the N-Flash 480A — equivalent to the model I bought last year — to review.

NiceFoto N-Flash 480A

What’s new? The guts of the unit are basically the same and it still takes the same batteries. The latest version has a more precise battery indicator — five LEDs rather than one — and the power switch has been changed from a rocker switch (prone to accidental toggling) to a much better sliding switch. These are fairly minor, but much-welcomed improvements.

NiceFoto N-Flash 480A

The 2.4GHz radio transmitter is still included, but for some reason they’ve taken the hotshoe off the top, so you can’t stack it with other triggers any more. Everything in the rest of the controls is identical, down to the idiosyncratic down-is-up and up-is-down power buttons.

NiceFoto 2.4GHz Flash Trigger

By far the biggest improvement is the switchover from a halogen modelling lamp to a 5-watt LED one. Now, rather than a dim little orange light that turns itself off after a few seconds, you have a fairly bright, daylight-balanced lamp that stays on for as long as you like. It hasn’t got quite the oomph to power its way through a double-diffused softbox in a bright room, but in darkened studio environments it gives the N-Flash a whole new lease on life and feels that much more professional.

NiceFoto N-Flash 480A

Over the past week I’ve been wandering around Edinburgh shooting “illuminated landscapes” with flash. The N-Flash, despite tipping the scales at a hefty 2.1 kilograms, has been my tool of choice for this, since it provides far more light to throw into a scene than any shoe-mount speedlight flashgun would do. The chunky aluminium case that the N-Flash comes in is probably better suited to sitting in a car boot than carrying by hand, though apparently NiceFoto is offering padded shoulder bags now.

Instead, I’ve found that the device can fit reasonably well into a standard camera backpack, provided you do some creative re-arranging of the dividers, as you can see below. I threw in a bit of the protective foam from the N-Flash’s own box for some extra padding.

NiceFoto N-Flash 480A in a camera bag

The following photographs were taken as the sun set over Meadow Park in Edinburgh’s Old Town. I used the proprietary 2.4GHz radio trigger that comes with the N-Flash to synchronise the light with the camera and it seemed to do the job nicely, though occasionally I had to shift my position slightly because the tree trunks would block the signal.

Nikon D700, 16-35mm @ 16mm; f/6.3, Iso-400, 1/125 second. Lit with two N-Flashes.
Nikon D700, 16-35mm @ 16mm; f/6.3, Iso-400, 1/125 second. Lit with two N-Flashes.

After a few shots using two N-Flashes (my old one and the new one provided for the review), the battery in one of them starting complaining about the cold weather. This was probably the same issue that affects all batteries — reduced capacity in low temperatures — and wouldn’t have caught me off-guard if it weren’t for the fact that the NiceFoto battery pack has such a stonkingly long life that I hadn’t charged it once since it arrived in a box from China. In the meantime the other flash was still going strong, so I carried on with some one-light setups.

Nikon D700, 16-35mm @ 16mm; f/4.5, Iso-400, 1/125 second. Lit with one N-Flash.
Nikon D700, 16-35mm @ 16mm; f/4.5, Iso-400, 1/125 second. Lit with one N-Flash.
Nikon D700, 16-35mm @ 16mm; f/4.5, Iso-400, 1/125 second. Lit with one N-Flash.
Nikon D700, 16-35mm @ 16mm; f/4.5, Iso-400, 1/125 second. Lit with one N-Flash.

For more pictures, including some cliff-top ones from our PocketWizard PlusX test, see the full album on Facebook and Google+.

Overall I have been pretty pleased with the performance of the N-Flash. The addition of the LED modelling lamp and other improvements build on an already well-thought-out design, turning it from a relatively quirky gadget into something I can see a lot of photographers owning. While it would be nice(r) if it used non-proprietary batteries, the one that comes with it lasts so long that you’re unlikely ever to need to change during a photoshoot unless you forget to charge it. To see my thoughts on other aspects of this product, have a read of the original review.

The NiceFoto N-Flash is sold in various iterations on eBay (but don’t buy from Dzone2 because they use my images without permission). It is distributed in the UK by Mr Cad. If you know of other dealers, leave a note in the comments below. For further information, visit

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • Herr_Synnberg

    This is a very interesting product and I’ve been eying it for a long time, but the fact that it weighs so darn much is a dealbreaker for me. There’s no way I’ll feel comfortable having this up on a boom as I do with pack and head solutions. They really need to make a pack and head version with the same electronics.

  • Tihi Andrei

    is there any option to control the power thru the trigger on the camera or the flash menu on camera ??

  • Would be good to see same photos with & without the light to see how much lifting this light is doing and also a shoot with a model in bright daylight (is it powerful enough to overpower the sun through a softbox at 2 meters for instance?) I have been eyeing these up as well as the 600Ws one but dont want to get the wrong one for my purpose (outdoor model/fashion shoots). Would also be good if it can be powered down low enough to shoot f/2.8 at less than a meter away without blowing out subject or needing to use nd filters. My 400Ws cheapo chinese heads are too powerful at their lowest setting to use up close with wide apertures indoors, even through softbox, I need to use nd filters which make focusing difficult.

    • Here is a photo from the same scene without the light for your reference. I only have the 480A version but will see if I can get some outdoors shots for you using a softbox.

  • kwan

    David, do you know if they make a 1000ws+ version of this?

    • The 680A is the most powerful unit so far. A 1000J+ model might be too heavy for the self-contained form factor.

  • Jesus Alejandro Heras

    The case is locked! I can’t open it! Does some body knows how to unlock it?