Nikon LD-1000 photography LED light announced

Nikon has introduced a new LED lamp for photography and video with small cameras.

Nikon LD-1000

Nikon has announced a new LED lamp for photographic lighting with small cameras. The LD-1000 is powered by four AAA batteries and mounts on a bracket or can be handheld.

Nikon LD-1000

Nikon is making the LD-1000 available in black and white, styled to match the company’s 1-series and Coolpix compact cameras, including the newly-announced Coolpix P7800. The bracket, which screws into the tripod socket, means it doesn’t matter if your snapper lacks a standard hotshoe.

While you’d expect a constant light source like this one to be marketed primarily for video lighting, Nikon’s own product page actually seems to promote it more as a stills photography lamp, including a guide to taking product shots.

Nikon LD-1000

According to the manufacturer, you’re better off with the LD-1000 than you would be with rectangular LED arrays.

“Despite using multiple LEDs, the LD-1000 provides soft, smooth lighting with natural-looking shadow,” says Nikon. “The diffusion panel prevents the reflection of luminescent spots, which usually appears when an LED light source is directed onto a shiny object, such as a glass.”

An exact release date hasn’t been confirmed but the pricing is said to be £119 in the UK and $99.95 in the USA.

David Selby
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