Nikon dangles new flash trigger dongles

The WR-R11a and WR-R11b plug into the side of Nikon cameras to control the radio-enabled Speedlight SB-5000.

Nikon WR-R11a

Nikon has announced the WR-R11a and WR-R11b, a pair of radio remotes that plug into the sides of their cameras, working as wireless flash triggers and shutter releases.

This is Nikon’s slightly awkward solution to radio-based flash synchroisation with their Speedlight SB-5000, for those photographers who don’t want to use an SB-5000 as an on-camera commander.

Most other camera brands with radio-enabled flashes also sell a shoe-mount radio transmitter, for example the Canon ST-E3-RT, the Sony FA-WRC1M, the Olympus FC-WR, the Fuji EF-W1 (made by Nissin) and third-party solutions from the likes of Godox, Yongnuo and Profoto. Nikon still sells the Speedlight Commander SU-800, which uses optical transmission, but it is not clear if the company plans to bring out a radio frequency version.

Having a dongle in the side of the camera offers numerous disadvantages, including being less ergonomic, needing different versions (i.e. WR-R11a and WR-R11b) for cameras that have different accessory ports on the side, and relying on in-camera menus to adjust settings. There are not many clear benefits—other than working as a wireless shutter release without any dangling cables.

The Nikon WR-R11a and WR-R11b are listed for pre-order now, priced $196.95. Order from Adorama, B&H Photo or your local Nikon dealer.

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.