Nissin Di600 TTL flashgun now available

Kenro has announced the release of the Nissin Di600 flashgun, priced £144.

Nissin Di600

Kenro has announced the UK release of the Nissin Di600 flashgun.

Nissin Di600

Some fairly advanced features are built into this flash, such as wireless TTL for Canon, Nikon or Sony. (Due to the limited controls on the device itself, in an i-TTL setup you are restricted to wireless group A, channel 1). It also offers manual power control (with 1/2-stop precision), basic optical slave modes and TTL on-camera. There is a 3.5mm sync port.

The guide number is 44 (at 105mm) with the zoom head coverage from 24–105mm. Approximate recycle time at full power is 5 seconds when running on four AA batteries. External power packs are not supported so you can’t really speed this up.

Priced £144, the Nissin Di600 is available now for Canon and Nikon, with a Sony-fit version coming later in the year.

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