Nova – bringing external flash to your smartphone?

The Nova is a credit card-sized external LED flash for the iPhone and Android devices.

Nova external LED flash for iPhone

With the aid of Kickstarter we have seen some quite unique products, some of them too unique, causing them to fail, but others were very interesting. We have seen the Rift Labs Kick and Luxi that were successfully funded, and now the Nova. But what is the Nova, exactly?

Nova is an external flash that can be triggered through Bluetooth so you are able to shoot with off camera lighting with a smartphone. After all the iPhone related gadgets this is certainly one you shoot look out for if you want to bring your smartphone photography to the next level.

The Nova is credit card sized, meaning you will take it wherever your phone goes. Even though it would fit in your wallet, it has 40 LEDs diffused by a white layer in order to provide you with the flattering light that portraits would require. The benefit of using LEDs instead of regular flash tubes is that the color temperature of the light can be adjusted.

In the accompanying app you can adjust a lot of parameters, such as output brightness and colour. Currently they plan to release it first for iPhone, but Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0 should eventually be covered as well.

Nova external LED flash for iPhone

Unlike many of the Kickstarter projects we have talked about, this project is already funded, a little bit more over $32,000 has been pledged for the $25,000 goal while there are still 28 days to go. For as little as $54 you can already get a flash for your smartphone.

For more information or to order one head to the Kickstarter page.