Ojecoco: a new brand of Chinese flash triggers

A new manufacturer has emerged on the scene, Shenzhen-based Ojecoco, with their high speed H-550 wireless flash trigger. The H-550 supports TTL pass-through, hyper sync and more.

Ojecoco H-550

A new manufacturer has emerged on the scene, Shenzhen-based Ojecoco. The company web site currently lists their first and only product: their all-singing, all-dancing H-550 high speed wireless flash trigger.

Ojecoco H-550

The device is reminiscent of the recently-released Pixel King, though not quite enough for it to be a simple clone or rebrand. Unlike the Kings, the Ojecoco H-550 is a transceiver-based manual trigger, and has different controls. It offers TTL pass-through like the Phottix Strato II and Pixel Bishop, as well as a user-configurable hyper sync function. There will be both Canon and Nikon versions.

Ojecoco H-550 specifications

  • FSK 2.4GHz signal
  • 150 metre range
  • 16 channels and three Wireless Flash Groups
  • Transmitter and receiver in one
  • TTL pass-through
  • User-adjustable hyper sync up to 1/8000 second
  • “Relay” mode for synchronising remote cameras and flashes
  • Wakes sleeping flashes
  • Up to 20 frames per second
  • Takes 2* AAA batteries
  • 2.5mm flash sync port
  • 2.5mm remote shutter release port
  • Metal hotshoe foot

Ojecoco H-550 base

Update: You can buy the Ojecoco H-550 from DHgate here.

David Selby
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