Oloong SP-690 II is affordable wireless TTL master

The new Oloong SP-690 II is a flashgun with Nikon AWL master mode for use in advanced wireless TTL & manual flash lighting setups. At US$160, is it the cheapest master flash for Nikon?

Oloong SP-690 II

A new speedlight on the market is compatible with Nikon Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL). The Oloong SP-690 Mark II offers all the features of the original SP-690 with the addition of wireless Commander (master) and slave modes for use as part of an i-TTL Creative Lighting System (CLS) flash setup.

Oloong SP-690 II

It is therefore possible to have an entirely Oloong-made wireless CLS arrangement, using an SP-690 II as the master and SP-660 IIs (or other SP-690 IIs) as slaves. By contrast, Yongnuo does not offer a speedlight with master mode (but there is a Yongnuo ST-E2 transmitter for Canon).

At a price of $160, the Oloong SP-690 II could be the cheapest speedlight available right now that includes Master/Commander mode for Nikon CLS.

Legacy features from the first SP-690 include:

  • Guide number of 50 (at 180mm zoom setting)
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Fine-tuned control including manual adjustment down to 1/256 of full power
  • 2 second recycle time with Ni-MH batteries (5 seconds with alkalines)
  • Tilting, swivelling head that can zoom from 24 – 180mm
  • Stroboscopic function: multiple flashes from 1 to 100 Hertz
  • Autofocus-assist lamp
  • ‘Ready’ and warning beeps
  • Overheating protection circuit

Unfortunately no Canon E-TTL version of the SP-690 II has been announced so far.

Where to buy

The Oloong SP-690 II for Nikon costs US$160 and is available to order online from Meking Studio and other sellers. For official information, please visit the manufacturer’s web site (in Chinese).

David Selby
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