Oloong SP-690 II is affordable wireless TTL master

The new Oloong SP-690 II is a flashgun with Nikon AWL master mode for use in advanced wireless TTL & manual flash lighting setups. At US$160, is it the cheapest master flash for Nikon?

Oloong SP-690 II

A new speedlight on the market is compatible with Nikon Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL). The Oloong SP-690 Mark II offers all the features of the original SP-690 with the addition of wireless Commander (master) and slave modes for use as part of an i-TTL Creative Lighting System (CLS) flash setup.

Oloong SP-690 II

It is therefore possible to have an entirely Oloong-made wireless CLS arrangement, using an SP-690 II as the master and SP-660 IIs (or other SP-690 IIs) as slaves. By contrast, Yongnuo does not offer a speedlight with master mode (but there is a Yongnuo ST-E2 transmitter for Canon).

At a price of $160, the Oloong SP-690 II could be the cheapest speedlight available right now that includes Master/Commander mode for Nikon CLS.

Legacy features from the first SP-690 include:

  • Guide number of 50 (at 180mm zoom setting)
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Fine-tuned control including manual adjustment down to 1/256 of full power
  • 2 second recycle time with Ni-MH batteries (5 seconds with alkalines)
  • Tilting, swivelling head that can zoom from 24 – 180mm
  • Stroboscopic function: multiple flashes from 1 to 100 Hertz
  • Autofocus-assist lamp
  • ‘Ready’ and warning beeps
  • Overheating protection circuit

Unfortunately no Canon E-TTL version of the SP-690 II has been announced so far.

Where to buy

The Oloong SP-690 II for Nikon costs US$160 and is available to order online from Meking Studio and other sellers. For official information, please visit the manufacturer’s web site (in Chinese).

David Selby
Based in the UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a photography enthusiast, cyclist and data scientist.