Oloong speedlites get the zoom they need

Oloong have released the SP-690 - a TTL flashgun with manual control, two slave modes and an electronic zoom head - for $129.

Oloong SP-690 display

Oloong (the flash manufacturer, not the tea) popped out of nowhere and introduced two speedlights earlier this year. The manual SP-660 and the TTL SP-680 both look well-made and easy to use – potentially capable of knocking Yongnuo down a peg or two. Unfortunately, early adopters discovered to their dismay that neither flash could zoom in or out. Why have a huge SB-900 type head if you can’t even adjust it?

Fortunately, the company has seen sense and released a new model, the SP-690. It’s identical to the SP-680 with the addition of the much-needed electronic zoom head. It seems the SP-690 was designed first, then neutered to generate lower-spec models. Oloong’s range now looks like this:

Oloong SP-660

  • Manual adjustment down to 1/128 power
  • Tilt and swivel
  • Flip-down diffuser
  • 2 second recycle time
  • Guide number of 35
  • 35mm fixed head
  • Two optical slave modes
  • Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Thermal protection circuit

Oloong SP-680

As SP-660, plus TTL support for Canon or Nikon.

Oloong SP-690

As SP-680, plus a 24-180mm electronic zoom head.

Oloong SP-690 display

The Oloong SP-690 is priced at US$129.00 (50% off a decidedly optimistic $258) and already on sale in both Nikon and Canon flavours. The SP-680 with its fixed head costs $20 less. Unfortunately there is no zooming manual flash to succeed the SP-660, yet.

You can find more information about Oloong’s speedlights on their web site.

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.