Orlit Rover RT is a lightweight pack-and-head with TTL

A location lighting system you can carry around your neck, the Orlit Rover RT supports TTL for Canon, Nikon and Sony.

Orlit Rover RT TTL

Adorama has released the Orlit Rover RT TTL, a pack-and-head flash compatible with the Canon RT wireless system.

A rebrand of the Jinbei Mars-3 (first spotted at Photokina), the Rover RT is rated 300J and offers high-speed sync, control and remote adjustment using either Canon’s 2.4 GHz E-TTL system or a Jinbei’s TR-Q6 system, which offers triggers for Canon, Nikon and Sony. The same Orlit trigger is also called the TR-Q6 and will in the future support Bluetooth control from an Android smartphone app.

The Orlit TR-611 and TR-612 triggers, for Canon and Nikon, are also compatible and will provide TTL and high-speed synchronisation.

The Orlit Rover RT complements the RoveLight RT 610, a monolight with twice the output and the same wireless TTL capabilities. The pack-and-head configuration means less weight in the head, making the Rover RT especially well-suited to using as a handheld flash, putting on boom arms or even using with a camera flash bracket.

A replaceable 2500 mAh Li-ion battery provides 300 full-power flashes per charge. Recycle time at full power is 1.3 seconds. There is a 10W LED modelling light. The small head doesn’t have a standard Bowens S-fit accessory mount but rather a dedicated one for which a range of softboxes and reflectors are available. There is also an umbrella holder built-in.

Jinbei Mars-3 TTL

The Orlit Rover RT TTL is available to pre-order from Adorama.

You can also buy the Jinbei Mars-3 under the manufacturer’s own brand, along with the L20 flash bracket for on-camera use.

For more information, visit the Jinbei Mars-3 product page or the Adorama listing.

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