Orlit RT610 (Jinbei HD610) is ‘world’s first Canon RT monolight’

Adorama's Orlit Rovelight RT-610 is a TTL/HSS battery monolight compatible with Canon's RT flash triggers.

Orlit Rovelight RT610

Adorama has announced the new Orlit Rovelight RT-610, a TTL battery monolight compatible with the Canon RT system. Orlit is a new brand of Canon RT-compatible lighting products, also including shoe-mount flashes and triggers.

Orlit Rovelight RT610

A rebranded Jinbei HD610, the Orlit Rovelight RT-610 has a full-sized Bowens S-fit accessory mount, 600 Ws of flash energy, a 20W LED modelling lamp, a touchscreen user interface and a built-in 2.4GHz radio receiver. It runs on a 6,000 mAh lithium battery that fits into the head, just like other flashes with the same form factor, such as the Nice N-Flash, Profoto B1, Godox AD600 and original RoveLight 600.

Most compelling, though, is the fact that the radio receiver is compatible with Canon’s 2.4GHz Radio Transmission (RT) flash control system. This means you can control and synchronise the RT-610 from the Canon ST-E3-RT, 600EX II-RT, 430EX III-RT and third-party equivalents and you get TTL and high-speed sync support.

Orlit Rovelight RT610

The Orlit RT-610 is not just for Canon RT users, however; it also works with its own brand radio triggers, which provide the same level of control. The TR-Q6 is a dedicated wireless remote for use in the studio, and you can use the Orlit smartphone app to control your lights from an iPhone or Android device.

Orlit Rovelight RT-600C

Another flash in the Orlit series is the RT-600C, an E-TTL Speedlite compatible with Canon’s 2.4GHz Radio Transmission system, and the TR-611C, a set of radio triggers to let you add non-RT-compatible flashes and studio lights to the mix.

Orlit Rovelight TR611C

A Nikon version, the Orlit TR-612N, is a 2.4GHz i-TTL flash trigger not compatible with the Canon RT system, but still compatible with the transceiver inside the Rovelight RT-610, and backwards-compatible with the Flashpoint Rovelight 600 (manual power control only).

The Orlit Rovelight RT-610 is available to pre-order now for $699.95. Orlit TR-611C and TR-612N transceivers are $69.95 each and the RT-600C is $169.95. A price for the TR-Q6 studio remote has not been announced and it’s not clear when this will be available to order. For more information, visit the Adorama web site.

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