Lighting links this week

XB Primes in Canada, a new electronic Samsung sensor, a series of RF-602 mods, and early reports on the Pixel TR-332.

Einstein update

Paul C. Buff has posted an update on the shipping status of its upcoming Einstein IGBT monolights.

Lighting vapourware update

An update on the latest developments and releases from Aputure, Elemental, Godox, Phottix and Yongnuo.

RadioPopper JrX Studio review

VTEC_EATER has published a detailed and comprehensive review of the Radiopopper JrX Studio triggers.

Lighting Rumours has moved!

Lighting Rumours has moved and is now found at If you visit the old site you will be automatically redirected. Be sure to update your bookmarks.

Yongnuo YN-468 spotted by has spotted a product listing on Yongnuo’s Hong Kong web site for an upcoming TTL speedlight with an LCD screen, called the YN-468.