Latest Yongnuo Flash Comparison Table

Confused about the latest YN-series speedlights from Yongnuo? Here is a feature comparison table, adapted from information in current eBay listings.

Lighting links this week

Alien Bees and Einsteins now available in Europe; new Bowens Litebook issue; “mystery” Chinese 400Ws portable monolight; new Elemental Trinity Pro monolights; RadioPopper RPCube now available.

Yongnuo YN-468 (Canon) released

The Canon version of the Yongnuo YN-468 has been released on eBay for around US$110-130. One welcome feature is the addition of manually controllable zoom. For a comprehensive look into the features, take a look at this article on

Remote power control for Yongnuo YN460

A clever DIY modification has been revealed, demonstrating how to add remote power control to your Yongnuo YN460 for less than $10. Video inside.

Paul C. Buff-related links this week

Early reviews of the Paul C. Buff Einstein, plus new information and pictures for the upcoming “Luap Supreme” super-efficient retro-laser reflector.

Parabolic umbrellas for under £20

CotswoldPhoto has revealed a new parabolic umbrella for less than £20. Plus, Rime Lite XB Primes have been listed by Viewfinder Photography.

Two new monolight releases

Paul C. Buff Einsteins are “Now Available” (but not in stock). Bowens have released the Gemini Classic 500C monolight.