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Godox Reemix: the end of umbrella brackets?

When I was asked if I’d like to review Godox’s Reemix RMII series, I had fairly low expectations. A swivel mount, telescopic aerial and umbrella holder might sound like gimmicks, but find myself liking it more and more.

Aurora Firefly Beauty Box review

We review the Aurora Firefly Beauty Box FBO50, a 50cm octagonal speedlight softbox from Aurora Lite Bank.

Lighting links this week

Recent snippets from B2Pro, Elinchrom, Lastolite, Rime Lite, Tumax, Westcott and Yongnuo.

Lighting links this week

Latest news about Cokin, Honl, Innovatronix, PocketWizard, Westcott. Plus: shooting monolights with a shotgun, and a DIY Radiopopper PX project.