Parabolic umbrellas available from Adorama

A range of 86" and 64" budget parabolic umbrellas are now available from Adorama from $59.95.

Adorama Flashpoint 86" silver parabolic umbrella

New York: Photographic equipment supplier Adorama has released a range of Flashpoint brand parabolic umbrellas.

The umbrellas have 16 ribs and a shallow parabolic design, allowing focusing of reflected light from flashes and continuous lamps. The models available are:

According to the retailer, the reflective versions offer up to “three f-stops more output” than a conventional softbox.

Adorama Flashpoint 86" silver parabolic umbrella
86" silver version. Man not included.

David Selby
Based in Paris, France, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a quantitative analyst.