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I recently redesigned the site from scratch and we now have a shiny new WordPress theme.

Wondering where all the banner adverts went?

Up to now, Lighting Rumours has been supported by advertising. This has introduced a source of tension with which I have become uncomfortable. Maximising revenue through advertising tends to involve annoying readers with intrusive banners or irrelevant sponsored content. It also invites conflicts of interest in product reviews and deals coverage. We shouldn’t have to compromise between content that sustains the site versus that which is actually useful and people want to read.

However, maintaining a web site like this one costs time and money. All articles are written by volunteers with other, full-time jobs, and we need a sustainable revenue stream to keep everything up and running.

You now have the opportunity to become a patron. This allows you to contribute directly to Lighting Rumours, donating $1 or more per month to help us focus on delivering the lighting news, product reviews, tutorials and analysis that you want to read.

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All our standard articles remain openly accessible; you can pledge as much or as little as you like. Patrons will have the opportunity to make suggestions and ask questions about future content, as well as having the warm fuzzy feeling of contributing to a community endeavour. Other perks may come in the future, depending on feedback.

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David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.