Paul Buff: Einstein prices to increase in August

Paul Buff: Einstein prices will rise by $60 to $499.95 as of 1st August 2010. Units sent to international distributors will have all known major technical issues fixed.

Nashville, Tennessee: Paul C. Buff, Inc. has announced a price increase for the company’s Einstein 640 monolights. Units sent to the European and Australian distributors will incorporate fixes to some known issues.

As pre-announced some time back, Einstein 640 price will increase to $499.95 on August 1, 2010.

All pre-orders will ship at the original $439.95 price, as will all orders placed before August 1, 2010 via Paul C. Buff USA shopping cart or phone 1-800-443-5542.

AU and UK prices and timing policies will be set by

It is anticipated that Einstein units shipped after late August 2010 will be V2 versions, with all field issues include modeling lamp heating, PW issues and 220V issues corrected. All International Einstein sales will be V2.

Current Einstein owners will be offered a no-cost exchange for V2 when they are available. (Canadian customers should contact Customer Service for exchange details).

If you are on the pre-order list and prefer to wait for V2 we will be happy to maintain your position on the list and ship V2 as soon as they are available. Should you choose to do this, we will reward your patience and inconvenience with an $50 accessory credit at the time of shipment of V2. This offer only applies to domestic pre-orders because non-pre-orders will receive V2 automatically.

You may discuss and clarify this with our customer service staff at 1-800-443-5542 or by email to [email protected]



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