Paul C. Buff “Luap Supreme” reflectors

Paul C. Buff Inc: A new high efficiency retro-reflector called the "Luap Supreme", a mini boom arm, and some updates on the PLM v2.

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Paul Buff has revealed some new studio lighting accessories, including a high efficiency reflector and a mini boom arm.

Where [the positions of flashtubes] really becomes important is on dish style retro-reflectors such as the PLM and a 22″ aluminum version now in the works (current working name “Luap Supreme”). This thing focuses down to about 5° and up to around 30° . . . designed for sports and long distance work and producing Guide Numbers in the 600 to 800 range. These are actually being produced now and will be available soon.

…It’s hard for me to keep up with all the production schedules and do all the design work. I believe the Luap Supreme is in production and due in about 30 days. It is 100% tested and designed and boy does it work. Also tested and approved and ready for production is an inexpensive metal “offset arm” (sort of a mini boom arm) that extends the light out about 9 inches from the stand top to allow better vertical tiling of beauty dishes, PLM, etc.

Source: Fred Miranda Forum. The “Luap Supreme” was also briefly mentioned on the Paul C. Buff, Inc. Technical Forum last year:

…a whole new type of focusable extremely long throw-super efficient reflector is in the works and right around the corner. Working name = Luap Supreme.

David Selby
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