Paul C. Buff-related links this week

Early reviews of the Paul C. Buff Einstein, plus new information and pictures for the upcoming "Luap Supreme" super-efficient retro-laser reflector.

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Early reviews are being published about the IGBT Einstein monolight from Paul C. Buff. You can find a quick review by David Hobby on, as well as a more extensive review and discussion on the Fred Miranda forums.

Rob Galbraith has posted new information about Paul C. Buff, Inc’s upcoming “Luap Supreme” reflector and mini boom arm (mentioned in a previous post). The high efficiency reflector is in production now, to be released “mid-May 2010” for US$84.95. The mini boom arm is scheduled for “early June 2010” at a price of US$14.95. In addition:

Buff is contemplating the development of speedrings to fit lights from other makers, though no decision has been made regarding which additional brands might be supported, or when.

Read the full article for more information, including pictures and test shots.

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