Phoenix SmartFlash US 92

Yet another Strobist-style slave flash: the Phoenix SmartFlash US92 offers manual power adjustment and an intelligent optical slave, all for under $100 in the USA.

Phoenix SmartFlash US92

Phoenix SmartFlash US92

Phoenix SmartFlash US92

With dedicated off-camera flashes already available from Yongnuo, LumoPro and Godox/Brilliant, surely one more company in the market can’t hurt? The new SmartFlash US92 from Phoenix packs in plenty of Strobisty features at a retail price tag of under US$100.

The SmartFlash US92 is manufactured by Tumax and has a similar-looking head to the LumoPro LP160, although the zoom positions (if any) are not specified in the product description. It also features Full to 1/16 power in whole stops (excluding 1/2 power for some reason) and an intelligent optical slave which can be calibrated to your system’s pre-flashes. The back panel features a guide number table to help you estimate exposure settings.

Phoenix SmartFlash US 92

Company Description

Smartflash US 92 is an ideal flash for the photographer on the move. Designed to work in multiple flash set-ups, the US 92 flash works wirelessly and seamlessly with a virtually unlimited amount of flashes. The 92 has a learning sync mode that allows it to learn the amount of preflashes emitted from the on-camera flash making it compatible with digital as well as film cameras as the perfect slave solution. US 92 is also completely manual with variable power output making this flash the ultimate solution for photographers who want full control over their entire lighting situation.


  • Intelligent optical slave
  • Manual adjustment from Full to 1/16 power
  • Tilt/swivel head
  • Universal Iso foot
  • MSRP of $119.95 (actual retail price $89.95)
  • 50mm fresnel (zoom?)
  • Automatic power saving mode


Guide Number (50mm) 92 ft (28m)
Power Levels Full, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
Auto Mode No
Sync Port No
Optical Slave Programmable
Circuitry IGBT
Tilt 0 – 90°
Swivel 0 – 330°
Colour Temperature 5600 K
Power 4* AA batteries


Where to buy

The Phoenix SmartFlash US92 is available from the USA on Amazon for $89.95. You can also buy one via the Lighting Rumours Shop.

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