Photodynamic Angle Light shoots around corners in small studios

Photodynamic has unveiled a new studio light, Angle Light, featuring a tilting, swivelling, articulated flash head.

Photodynamic Angle Light

Korean studio lighting manufacturer Photodynamic has unveiled a new studio light concept, Angle Light, featuring a tilting, swivelling, articulated flash head.

We are used to seeing shoe-mount flash units with heads that rotate independently of the body, but this is the first mains-powered lamp I have seen taking the same approach. The ostensible benefit of such a design is that you can get the light-producing part closer to the ceiling, floor or wall of your studio (or on location), thereby giving you more working distance in a small space.

Photodynamic Angle Light

However, the trade-off is presumably that the Angle Light cannot hold very heavy accessories on the front, if the connection to the rest of the light (housing the capacitors, power supply, controls and so on) is not strong enough. And what’s wrong with just using a pack and head? This product may have a very limited target market.

Photodynamic Angle Light

The Photodynamic Angle Light’s head can tilt 180° and swivel 360° relative to the flash body, which itself has a conventional tilt bracket where it attaches to your light stand. On the manufacturer’s Facebook page, several control panel layouts are shown, corresponding to the company’s existing studio lights, including the TR series.

A Polish seller called Markoflash already lists the Angle Light at prices starting from 2,200 zloty (US$600; £380) for a 400Ws version, up to 3,650 zloty ($997; £630) for a 1200Ws unit. For more information, visit the Photodynamic web site.

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David Selby
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