Photoflex release bombproof lighting umbrellas

Photoflex have announced a new range of lighting umbrellas, with improved durability for "almost carefree handling". Full press release inside.

Photoflex ADH 45" Silver Adjustable Umbrella
Photoflex ADH 45" Silver Adjustable Umbrella
Picture by Photoflex

Press Release: Photoflex® adjustable reflective Umbrellas were already the most versatile photographic umbrellas available today; and now they’re even better. The new and improved umbrella line includes ribs and strut pivots that are now made from a fiberglass composite, which is not only stronger, but also offers better resiliency and durability than steel or aluminum. This new design feature allows for almost carefree handling, all but eliminating damage caused from over bending delicate steel tube ribs. All umbrella center poles are extruded and closed off at the base (vs. folded, hollow tubes, like many other umbrellas, that are easily bent and dented) adding to the durability of the Photoflex® umbrella model. All Photoflex® umbrellas have a three-year warranty.

This umbrella line, like all Photoflex® products, was designed by photographers, for photographers. The unique Adjustable (Silver and White) Umbrellas are the only umbrellas in the marketplace that allow the user to quickly and easily morph the shape from the standard round, to square, to oval, offering great flexibility with this one piece of equipment. This versatility allows photographers to shoot in virtually any space, large or small, while retaining the ability to alter the shape of the catch light to help them produce the best possible shot. The Convertible (White) Umbrellas can be used as a bounce or shoot through umbrella, and the Shoot Through Umbrellas produce soft, buttery diffused light.

All Photoflex® reflective umbrellas have an opaque black backing that helps prevent light-spill. Umbrella material is constructed from tightly woven, 190-thread count fabric, and is triple laminated, which also contributes to the elimination of light leakage. This makes Photoflex® umbrellas not only a reliable and trusted photographer’s tool, but also highly efficient and able to bounce up to 20% more light than most other umbrellas.

To learn more about the full line of Photoflex’s newly improved fiberglass umbrellas, visit

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