Photoflex settles lawsuit over softbox patent

Photoflex and CowboyStudio have ended a lawsuit over a patent for quick-assembly softboxes.

Photoflex LiteDome

A settlement agreement has been announced between Photoflex and CowboyStudio to “avoid future patent infringement” of Photoflex’s Quick Release Corner System.

The Rapid Assembly Photographic Lighting Dome patent (6076935) concerns a mechanism for quickly and safely assembling and disassembling softboxes, such as the Photoflex LiteDome. By being able to straighten the rods from tension smoothly from the corners, users can collapse the softbox with relatively little effort and less chance of losing an eye.

Photoflex Quick Release Corner patent

“Being able to protect our patent has been a mission at Photoflex,” said Sharon Reeves, president of the Californian lighting manufacturer. “This settlement provides another message to those infringing that we will continue to protect our intellectual property.”

The exact details of the settlement have not been published. CowboyStudio is a competing lighting supplier based in Dallas, Texas.

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David Selby
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