Photonicz One teases ‘reinvented photography strobe’

An soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter project is promising a new flash that will "change the way you shoot with artificial light".

Photonicz One teaser

Update: The Photonicz One has been unveiled. More details here.

An American company called Photonicz will launch a Kickstarter campaign this week for the Photonicz One, a ‘reinvented photography strobe with next generation functionality’.

Details are sparse at the moment as the project has not yet officially begun. A countdown shows it will launch this evening at 15:00 GMT.

According to a teaser, the Photonicz lighting system will be the first “built from the ground up for the digital future, and designed to be the only kit you’ll ever need”.

“With never-before-seen creative lighting capabilities, the Photonicz system will forever change what photographers and filmmakers expect from their strobe and video lights,” the blurb adds. The light(s) are touted as ‘advanced’ and ‘easy to use’ but aimed at professionals, or at least built to that standard.

So far, nothing concrete. An e-mail sent to a pre-release mailing list divulges a couple of more details, including that the Photonicz One will have a “tiny, portable body” and there will be an early-bird offer for Kickstarter backers who pledge first.

For more information, visit the Photonicz web site.

What form could this mysterious lighting system take? We’ll find out this evening. The Photonicz teaser comes around the same time as it is rumoured Profoto will be launching a flash product with ‘new possibilities’.

David Selby
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